For Sale or Rent


Holographic Projections

For Sale or Rent

The highlight for events, expositions, shopping areas, presentations and the POS etc.

HoloVision – 3D

HoloVision is a full integrated projection platform for strong attention of your product presentation in trade shows or exhibtions.
Also as an eyecatcher for museums and expositions it is catching lots of interest and attracts visitors to your booth, also in shopping windows or as an element of attraction on tables and desks. It enables attention for your products and encourages interaction.

A strong Eyecatcher

Give your audience a strong eyecatcher ! It doesn’t take much!
Give your visitors something exciting to look at.
Surprise them and get attention for your company, your products and your offers. With Holovision you are able to place your product in the right position to reach your customers. Mainly because this tool is still very new and enables Superattention.

Simply rent

With Eyesystems at your side you will have the opportunity to get high attentive gadgets like Holovision for your next exhibition stand. Just let us take care of it!

No worries package

For our holovision package we have put together a no worries package consisting of holographics content concerning your company or your products, but also customized solutions for your needs.

Make your appearance a Highlight

Ask us, we know how!