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ES Screen Slim

Pixel Pitch 3.9 mm · Indoor
Low Weight – High Performance.
Straight Slim Perfect Design.

EYE SYSTEMS applies advanced carbon fiber technology creating only 1cm thickness LED panel frames.

– Weighs only 1/5 of a normal LED display
– Carbon fiber panel frame
– Low brightness with High grayscale and pixel by pixel calibration technolog
– LCD display with self-test function and indicating working status
– Handles with special designed buffering function
– 45 degree oblique angle design, seamless connection sticky tape

Poduktinfo – Technische Daten

Pixel Pitch 3,9 mm
Helligkeit 1.000 cd / m²
Technologie LED Wall
Auflösung pro Cab. 128 x 128
Modell ES Screen Slim

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